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SHEE SAI ASSOCIATES is a leading business group, Located in HARIDWAR, offers Real-Estate, Retail and Tourism. Quality Deals and services under the perfect management system leads the group to #1 position for year 2011.
Haridwar City
Our services are highly personalised to suit individual requirements and are handled by qualified Surveyors and experienced support staff, who appreciate fully the importance of establishing professional relationships with each of our clients.We provide an integrated investment and asset management service incorporating commercial property acquisitions, finance, property management and disposals. Many of our clients have been advised by us for over one year and we firmly believe in nurturing our client relationships for the very long term.

The company currently manages a substantial portfolio of properties across the UTTARAKHAND and specialises in commercial property investment in certain key sectors including pubs, restaurants, in-town supermarkets and distribution warehouses.

We are in direct contact with most central Haridwar and national surveyors and estate agents. We also have close working relationships with specialists in tax planning, building surveying, developments and powerful management to provide our clients with a totally integrated service.

Top Story this month

There is a lot of demand in the affordable housing space. The demand exists in a certain space but there is a larger opportunity with the number of houses coming up in urban cities. The urban population in the cities is going to be 600 million in the next 15 years. That is the creation of at least another 20 Mumbais. Clearly, a city like Mumbai or a city like Delhi is not going to take such a load, and whether you like it or not, it is going to happen.
Decongestion needs to happen from some of the larger cities and a larger plan needs to be taken up to allow planned development in some of the upcoming urban centres across the country. Unless and until we do that, we are looking at a situation which is likely to turn into a crisis. The whole question of whether the supply matches the kind of demand that is there, nothing can be done unless there is the right kind of supply to match the demand.



First i would like to thanks team SSA for unbeliveable deals and services. My new flat is amazing and family likes it too.

By: vinod dayal

Thank you so much for adding my name to privilege customer's list. Now its so cool to book tickets over my register mobile number.

By: Swati

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